You Made It A Blockbuster Hit!

Marie Roberts
Nov 16, 2014

You Made It A Blockbuster Hit!

Thank you to everyone who attended the Hollywood Dancesport Championships! From the moment it began till the last dance was over, it was a fun, exciting and high-energy event. It was a true pleasure to be your hosts.

We want to thank all of the competitors and spectators who participated and brought such great enthusiasm and passion into the ballroom.

Thank you to our dedicated officials and staff who provided excellence in service and attention to detail. It was great to see everyone dress up for the Halloween Bash.

And last but definitely not least, we thank our sponsors for their generous support. From the trophies to the parties to the ballroom décor, their contributions were felt in every aspect of the competition.

Sunday marked our first year with a day dedicated to the next generation of dancers and it was incredible! We had over 300 children competing and over 1,000 spectators and they've inspired us all the way to next year.

So be sure to join us on the red carpet in 2015 at the Hollywood Dancesport Championships!

Michael, Mary & Jonathan

  • You Made It A Blockbuster Hit!